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The most Herculean task about the latest release PAA was transforming
a 67-year old Amitabh Bachchan into 13-year old child Auro,
suffering from rare disorder called Progeria.
So come let’s take a short run-through over how
Amitabhji became Auro.

Now you can see what’s hidden….

The prosthetic makeup, as we know, has been done by Hollywood’s


and Dominie Till (THE LORD = THE RINGS TRILOGY).
According to the reports Bachchanji’s make-up cost 10 per cent of the total budget.

It is learnt that it used to take four to five hours daily for Mr Amitabh Bachchan’s makeup to be done for his film PAA.

Not only this, if it used to take four hours to put on the make-up then two hours to remove it.

There are eight different layers of clay which has been put

in his make up in the film.

While applying the make up he cannot eat, drink and talk for four hours.

Most of the performance comes out because of the make up.
Big B wore specially designed dentures so as to effortlessly replicate the voice of a 13-year old child.

He gets a lisp and his speech pattern gets altered because of the extra teeth.
He wore the dentures throughout the film’s shooting and also had them on while dubbing.
Infact he has also sung a song in his voice wearing these dentures, which sounds like a child.
But Big B never ever showed a sign of panic, on the contrary he was always co-operative, patient, cool and full of enthusiasm.




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  • 1. nilam doshi  |  ડિસેમ્બર 14, 2009 પર 7:16 એ એમ (am)

    thanks for sharing all this wondersul pictures..


  • 2. Hasmukh  |  ડિસેમ્બર 14, 2009 પર 7:58 એ એમ (am)

    This is very interesting information, Peiole would know that how AB has performed a critical task


  • 3. DR.MAULIK SHAH  |  ડિસેમ્બર 14, 2009 પર 9:02 એ એમ (am)

    fantastic photos revealing the PAA make up… what’s great is not only the make up but dedication… of BACHCHAN.


  • 4. Bharat  |  ડિસેમ્બર 14, 2009 પર 11:11 એ એમ (am)

    Dear Rajulben
    thanks for sharing this wonderful information and pictures.


  • 5. priti  |  ડિસેમ્બર 14, 2009 પર 12:29 પી એમ(pm)

    After seeing the movie, even though we new that AB has done the role, our mind was not 100% sure of how the make up was done. You made this very clear. I shall now pass it to my friends.Tks


  • 6. Tarun Banker  |  ડિસેમ્બર 15, 2009 પર 3:32 એ એમ (am)

    This kind of make up trend was started by Kamal Hasan in hindi film Chachi 420. Amitabh has started behind the scene part.

    anyway it’s yummy thing for creator


  • 7. Pradip Brahmbhatt  |  ડિસેમ્બર 15, 2009 પર 3:38 એ એમ (am)

    Rajul Shah,
    Jay Shri Krishna.
    You did great job for the interest of movie Paa.
    Amitabh is great actor of Indian film industry I am proud of him.
    Pradip Brahmbhatt (Houston)


  • 8. Dilip Gajjar  |  ડિસેમ્બર 15, 2009 પર 10:03 પી એમ(pm)

    Rajul Shah , This is amazing make up..I have read your review and also watch movey its very good. Thanks for this valuable picture. I visit alvays on BigB’s blog.


  • 9. navneet  |  ડિસેમ્બર 19, 2009 પર 4:36 એ એમ (am)

    hats off to Amitji. amazing makeup.
    worlds best actor AMITAB BACCHAN.


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